Leetown Advisors is a fee-only fiduciary firm, meaning we receive no compensation of any kind for product sales and are legally bound to work in our client’s best interests. We are also committed to working with clients regardless of wealth, age, or income. Clients with sufficient investable assets ($250,000) are billed solely through their investment accounts on Schedule A below, and clients without such assets are billed on a retainer model in Schedule B below. Once retainer clients reach the $250,000 threshold, the retainer fee is dropped completely.

Schedule A

$250k 1.50%
$500k 1.25%
$750k 1%
$1m 0.75%
$1m+ 0.50%

Schedule B

Income Age 35+ Under 35
Under $100k $600 + $100/month $300 + $50/month
$100-200k $900 + $150/month $600 + $100/month
Over $200k $1200 + $200/month $900 + $150/month