Leetown offers three tiers of service (see table below) depending on the needs of the client. These services are tailored to fit your needs regardless of what stage of life you are in. Whether you are a recent college graduate in your 20s or a retiree in your 70s, we can meet your needs. Leetown functions as fiduciaries operating on a fee-only basis, which means we receive no compensation for product sales, and prides itself on transparency and objectivity. Clients are billed on their assets under management (AUM), with a minimum total fee. If clients do not have enough assets to meet this minimum, they may pay the remainder out of pocket.

Planning /

Scope Comprehensive
Who Comprehensive advisory service for traditional employees or retirees.
Fees $0-$500k: 1.5%
$500k+: 0.5%

($2,400 minimum annual fee)

Onboarding Fee $600

Management /

Scope Comprehensive
Who Advanced service for business owners, equity-compensated employees, and other high-
complexity clients.
Fees $0-$500k: 1.5%
$500k+: 0.5%
($4,800 minimum annual fee)
Onboarding Fee

Consulting /

Scope Narrow
Who Project-based work such as business valuation or consulting, tax/estate analysis, or private
investment due diligence.
Fees $200/hour
Onboarding Fee n/a

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